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About Ruma

Born and raised in Indonesia, I grew up with strong Javanese heritage, culture and traditions. There are moments where special occasions are celebrated with grace, where ornaments are chosen thoughtfully, from the choice of batik patterns to the scent of the floral, they are orchestrated beautifully for that special moments.

Spending most of my adult life in the Netherlands, I got to appreciate life in different way. There is beauty in the fall winter season, where you get to slow down, spend the quality time at home with your loved ones over glasses of wine, or with yourself. There is that joy to see that first glimpse of flower after long winter months and there is nothing like fresh smell of spring and the feeling of sun on your face.

Ruma is born out of my passion in sharing the beauties of both worlds through our tableware & table setting products. We aim to give that sense of beauties and serenity for your special occasions, both the big and small things in life. Whether it is that moment when you marry the love of your life or that special dinner you set for yourself on Friday night after successful week you had at work.

At Ruma, we celebrate moments, occasions and relationships in our lives with grace and we hope we can be part of yours too.